Expend disk space inside the docker container

Hi I’m using docker version of nextcloud.
Now I’m facing a problem.
The disk space is running out inside the container, I’m not sure how to expend it.
Please help me. Thanks a lot!

Hi @Kellerman

First of all, I’m not a Docker expert and others here can most likely give you more detailed information on how to do things. But here are some basic things and questions you should know or need to be answered before maybe someone could give you more detailed advise…

Are you talking about storage space for your data or the storage space of the Nextcloud installation inside the container, respective the container itself?

Normally there is no limitation of the storage space inside a Docker container, but you have to make sure that the disk or partition your docker container lives on, has enough storage space. If you get a storage space warning from Docker, you could try to remove old and unused images…


…if that dosn’t help, you have to expand your disk or partition (if you are running it in a VM) or move your installation to a bigger physical disk (if you are running it on “bare metal”).

Also your data should not be stored directly inside the Docker container. Create a folder for your data, somewhere in the filessystem of your docker host, or when storage space is limited there, on a seperate disk / partitition which is mounted to the filessystem of the docker host. Then mount that folder as a volume to the container…


If you already do so and you’re running out of space in your data folder, the same things apply as i already mentioned about the container storgae space. Either free up space on the disk / partition your data lives on, expand the disk / partition, or move it to a bigger physical disk…

sure, I’ve fixed it. thanks a lot!!!