Expected performance of fresh Nextcloud AIO?

Hi all,

I’ve used Nextcloud via Snap for a year or two now. By now it’s disheveled from my tinkering, so I want a fresh installation. I successfully installed Nextcloud AIO, which claims better support and performance (through tuning and caching), but I was disappointed with the noticeably slow page loads. I think this fresh, empty, AIO is even a bit slower than my old Snap install with >100G of files.

Switching between “Files” and “Photos” pages takes 3-10 seconds every time. This is on my LAN, and with only the 2 dozen demo files that Nextcloud prepopulates. I’m curious whether this slow performance is some configuration problem on my side, or if it’s just normal for the Nextcloud platform.

Should I try the manual installation with manual tuning? I can’t imagine I’d do a better job than Nextcloud AIO team has done…

Here are the specs for my Nextcloud AIO install:

  • Nextcloud AIO v7.2.1
    • Reverse proxy mode
    • All containers up-to-date, obviously
      • Apache
      • Database
      • Nextcloud (27.1.0)
      • Notify Push
      • Redis
      • Collabora
      • ClamAV
      • Imaginary
  • Running on Debian 12 virtual machine on Proxmox 8
    • 4 vCPU (AMD Ryzen 7 5800X)
    • 4GB RAM
    • Virtual disk storage is ZFS on NVMe

Any advice?


Hi, can you follow How to debug performance issues with Nextcloud? · nextcloud/all-in-one · Discussion #2475 · GitHub?

Also see General recommendations for the best performance · nextcloud/all-in-one · Discussion #1335 · GitHub

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Thank you, I believe I’m already compliant with “General Recommendations”. I will experiment with the bruteforce/ratelimiting and see if that helps.

What would you expect as “normal” page load times for a fresh Nextcloud AIO on LAN and good configuraiton? If my installation is already “normal”, then maybe the problem is just my impatience?

Ok, I followed those in more detail but still have what I consider slow load times. I’m very curious the “normal” duration for others’ Nextcloud page loads.

The next things I might try debugging are eliminating the external reverse proxy, and putting the database on a different/tuned dataset… maybe the ZFS default backing is causing problems somehow?

Did you check with top what processes run when you change a page? Maybe that gives you a clue what is slowing down your installation.

Yes, I looked at htop and iotop and the stats from my hypervisor. None of them show a bottleneck or even modest use of 25%.

Can anyone please share how long your Nextcloud takes to load/refresh the basic Files page? I want to know what it typical/expected.


1-2 seconds

Thank you @sven1234!

I’m at about 3 seconds to load the Files page. I guess maybe this is just the typical time for Nextcloud.

Did you try using the IP of your server to avoid name resolving issues?

That’s a great idea, thank you. It is still the same speed, about 3-4 seconds. I’m also accessing over HTTP to avoid any extra SSL overhead, and I stopped using my reverse proxy. This should be as good as it gets!

I’ve been toying with this over the past few days and concluded that any perceived slowness is caused by bloated or complex client-side scripting.

Firefox and Chromium dev tools both paint the same picture: fast network responses, many cached responses taking 0ms, and almost all of 3-4 seconds spent “Processing” what comes back from the server. It doesn’t spike CPU usage, so I think the browser is just chewing through 1000s of tiny function calls that tweak the page rendering.

This might also explain why @sven1234 has faster load times (1-2s) than me (3-4s). It just takes a better PC! My laptop is nothing special when it comes to performance.

This also explains why people online commonly report better performance with apps disabled - there’s less client-side code to run!

I’m sure it’s an extreme amount of work, but hopefully client-side scripting performance is something the Nextcloud devs can improve over the next few years. In the meantime, I know what to expect and now have much better familiarity with debugging the server!


did you speed up your server?
I just installed the AIO. so many bugs, and slow down a hell. even my CPU and memory usage is less than 5%. I have enough power, but still very slow. the brand new server, still take more then 10 minutes to open a page

Hi, can you follow How to debug problems with Collabora and/or Talk · nextcloud/all-in-one · Discussion #1358 · GitHub?

The performance I asked about here is about normal general page loading times like 2-8 seconds depending on the hardware. If it’s taking 10 minutes to open a page, you have some problem with your installation. I’d recommend opening a new thread, or use the thread recommended by @szaimen.

Mine takes a few minutes for each page to possibly open or fail. Something must be wrong somewhere. I’m using AIO and followed the instructions step by step to install. My computer’s CPU/Memory utilization is super low.

if don’t start any Optional containers, the speed is acceptable.

for me, it seems the slowness is because collabora. it shows tons of errors

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