Expanding data disk

My client runs Nextcloud v26 on CentOS v7 in an Azure virtual machine. All of the Nextcloud data is on a separate 512GB disk. They’ve used 71% so far. Doubling the disk in Azure to 1TB is trivial but is it possible to expand Linux disks? My lack of knowledge is showing here. I know it’s trivial in Windows.

PS. I appreciate this is more of a CentOS Linux question but thought I’d ask here as I’m sure this is something readers will have undertaken before.

Yes. Totally. But the specifics depend on overlays (e.g. LVM), etc. Search your favorite engine for centos v7 disk resize and you’ll find your path!

It may not be as simple as expand in your centos machine as it is already at it’s limit ( I assume ) you must first expand the 512GB to 1TB in your Azure virtual machine (Host machine) or else the client OS ( centos ) can’t use it.

I am not familliar with azure but I think this will help

best of luck.

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Will be broaching this soon as the data drive is 85% full!