Existing Snap install now just shows Apache default page

Hello all, I installed the Nextcloud Snap onto a Ubuntu 16.04 server about a month ago and everything was working fine till yesterday. Our router crashed and now when I go to the url I only see the default Apache page.

This is from the snap info nextcloud

name:      nextcloud
summary:   Nextcloud Server - A safe home for all your data
publisher: nextcloud
contact:   https://github.com/nextcloud/nextcloud-snap
license:   unknown
description: |
  Access, share and protect your files, calendars, contacts, communication and
  more at home and in your enterprise.
  - nextcloud.disable-https
  - nextcloud.enable-https
  - nextcloud.manual-install
  - nextcloud.mysql-client
  - nextcloud.mysqldump
  - nextcloud.occ
  nextcloud.apache:         simple, enabled, inactive
  nextcloud.mdns-publisher: simple, enabled, active
  nextcloud.mysql:          simple, enabled, active
  nextcloud.nextcloud-cron: simple, enabled, active
  nextcloud.php-fpm:        simple, enabled, active
  nextcloud.redis-server:   simple, enabled, active
  nextcloud.renew-certs:    simple, enabled, active
snap-id:   njObIbGQEaVx1H4nyWxchk1i8opy4h54
tracking:  stable
refreshed: 2018-05-08T14:49:52-04:00
installed:      13.0.2snap1       (6916) 205MB -
  stable:       13.0.2snap1       (6916) 205MB -
  candidate:    ↑
  beta:         13.0.2snap1       (7235) 205MB -
  edge:         master-2018-05-25 (7225) 204MB -
  11/stable:    11.0.8snap1       (6942) 202MB -
  11/candidate: ↑
  11/beta:      ↑
  11/edge:      ↑
  12/stable:    12.0.7snap1       (6949) 205MB -
  12/candidate: ↑
  12/beta:      ↑
  12/edge:      12-2018-05-25     (7224) 205MB -
  13/stable:    13.0.2snap1       (6916) 205MB -
  13/candidate: ↑
  13/beta:      ↑
  13/edge:      13-2018-05-25     (7218) 205MB -

I am still able to ssh into the server. Any suggestions for fixing this? Let me know what other information would be useful.

Oh I’m an idiot. I had Apache separately installed and that was interfering with the Snap.


I recently got this same problem. This seems to have occurred after running apt-get update or apt-get upgrade or apt-get dist-upgrade.

I’m running nextcloud snap on Ubuntu 18.04. Updates installed on 15 May 2019.

I have no idea what must have changed or broken. I tried another suggestion to a2dissite 000-default.conf but that didn’t fix anything either.

Really at a loss here and not finding any information searching the web.

OK, my issue seems to have been similar to mirdaki.

I followed this: Nextcloud not working after reboot ubuntu

I typed this into my terminal “sudo service apache2 stop” and instantly my Nextcloud came back.

So the question is what has happened during the apt-get update or apt-get upgrade or apt-get dist-upgrade that did something with Apache? Did it install another instance somehow?

I’m pretty new at all this stuff so I’m wondering if I need to remove something from my server? How to prevent this going forward?

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Hi Jerome! Thank you very much. I had the same problem described in this post (Apache2 start page displaying instead of NextCloud login page).

After running

sudo service apache2 stop

Everything returned to normality!

I’m taking this as a teaching and the next step I will take with my NC server will be tu setup a backup scheme, folling this blog post: https://kevq.uk/how-to-backup-nextcloud/

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I also installed apache separately and Peter’s command fixed the problem!

I personally wasn’t using apache for anything else (it was more of an abandoned side project) so in order to fix the problem after reboot I could run:

sudo apt remove apache2

Without this, you’ll have to stop apache every reboot (unless someone else figures out how to allow them to run side by side properly).

Without this, you’ll have to stop apache every reboot (unless someone else figures out how to allow them to run side by side properly).

You could set the port of the Snap to something diffrent than 80 and then create a virtual host with a reverse proxy configuration on the separately installed apache that proxies the requests to the snap.