EXIF data and media files sort

Hello dear community,

I have been using Nextcloud for some time now and am actually very satisfied with it. I installed the version Hub 5 (27.0.0) using the official docker hub image not the AIO.

So far I have stored my photos and videos in Photoprism, but now I find that the current Photos app has all the features I need and especially the very good integration with the iOS app make me go away from Photoprism and use the Nextcloud Photos app.

Today I copied some photos to Nextcloud as a test. I did the copy directly on my Ubuntu server and then set all permissions to www-data and ran a rescan. So far all is well, all pictures are displayed in the Nextcloud in the correct folder.

But now comes the big one! In the photos app all new photos with the created and modified date were set to today. the actually exciting taken or recording date of the photo is apparently not read from the exif data and used for sorting. I can rename the file using exiftool, but it does not solve the problem. My specific question is, how can I get Nextcloud especially the Photos app (web and mobile) to sort my photos based on the date taken? So far I have not been able to find a solution.

Thanks for your support!

Unfortunately that’s not possible at the moment. See

I have a similar issue. I imported some photos, but subsequently realized they didn’t have EXIF data for the date-taken, etc., set. I can script exiftool to set the fields, but how do I get Nextcloud to rescan them so they’ll correctly order in the Photos app?

Someone wrote a script to sort pictures based on exif data locally with python:

perhaps enough for a workaround.