Exclusive checkout while editing?


Just wondering if there are any plans to implement an exclusive checkout for files either via the browser or via the desktop client?

I know the OnlyOffice plugin in the browser allows collaborative editing, but we need to be able to edit exclusively so that if user A is editing a file, user B can read the file but not edit it.

I see others have requested similar functionality in the past (see link below), but I don’t think it has been implemented?

I would use the W2G addon, but unfortunately that locks the file completely, even from viewing - if you could still read the file but not edit while it was locked, this would work as a solution.


Not as a native solution. Not sure if that could be done via an app, but you probably have to program it.

Thanks tflidd,
Is there someone who works on the W2G app I could contact about a possible modification?
This is my first post here, so apologies for all the newbie questions…

If you go on the apps-page there is a link to the repository:

Thanks again tflidd, request added here:

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