Excluding folders from music app

Is there any way to exclude folders from the music app?

Have you tried to create a .media file in a folder to exclude it from being scanned?

Just did. I created a .media file in the folder and reset the music collection, scanned, and the files were still there.

I’ve just seen that such a feature isn’t yet available in the Music app as mentioned here. If it is an option for you, you can install the Audio player app which supports exluding directories by creating a .noaudio file.

Thanks for the help. I’m just going to stick with the music app because it works best for my employers. We just didn’t want unnecessary files in the music app. Thanks!

This feature has been included in the Music app since v0.17.0. You can find it under ‘Settings’ view within the app. You can select either individual folders for exclusion, or write an exclude pattern using the wildcard characters.

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