Exclude specific folder from activity app

Hello all,

I’m looking for an option to exclude specific folders from activity stream. The background is I stored my Joplin directory in Nextcloud which works well, but not activity log is polluted with useless updates like:

You deleted timeCheck116447.txt
You created timeCheck116447.txt
You deleted sync_desktop_efcf8f3e8e844c429af2bc335b89389f.json
You created sync_desktop_efcf8f3e8e844c429af2bc335b89389f.json

so I’m looking for an option to exclude this folder from activities app. any idea?

At this time there is no way to exclude files and folders. There is a request for this as long as four years. You should go there and add some weight to it, imho. Otherwise we could only passively wait.

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@lucker thank you for pointing me to the right github issue! I voted every suitable post on github!

In fact it looks devs are not interested in this issue… hopefully more user will up-vote the problem.