Exchange EWS Connector (Exchange Web Services) Beta Available

Hi Everyone,

I have been using NC for about 5+ years now and have always wanted seamless integration for Contacts and Calendars between our exchange based mail system and NC. I have always thought that the lack of this capability was a drawback for companies to adopt NC more widely.

So after 5 years of thinking about it, I decided to create the app myself. Its been a frustrating and interesting 3 month experience, working on this integration module. But…

The app is now available on the NC app store in the Beta channel, ready for more wider testing.

Please let me know, your thoughts on this app, your experience with it and what can be improved.

Here is a quick summary of what is supported and required:

Capabilities and Limitations

The following is a short list of things that work and limitations.

  • Supported On-Premise Exchange Systems: Echange 2007-2022, GFI Kerio Connect, SmarterMail, Etc
  • Supported Off-Premise Exchange Systems: Microsoft Exchage 365, OVH Cloud, Etc
  • Supported Authentications: Basic, NTLM, OAuth2
  • Passive (scheduled) and Active (live) Syncronization
  • Account Auto Discovery
  • Personal and Public Calendar Syncronization
  • Personal and Public Contacts Syncronization
  • Personal and Public Tasks Syncronization
  • Mail App Integration

About 95% of the properties between Nextcloud and EWS are transferable and supported for both Contacts, Calendars and Tasks, some properties are limited due to the limitations of both systems.

Please read the full documentation (link below).


This app has some minimal requirements for passive synchronization and a few more for active synchronization.

Basic Requirements
  • Nextcloud instance (≥ 26.0.0)
  • PHP (≥ 8.0.0)
  • PHP Curl Package Installed
  • PHP Soap Package Installed

Please read the full documentation (link below).

Thank you!


Hi, thank you for your work.

Just to clarify: Can this be used as an Office 365 user (company account), who does not have access to any Exchange Server or Azure Admin Panel?

If yes, how exactly would it need to be configured? The autodiscovery currently does not work for me.

Morning @Mauch

Unfortunately, due to the way Office 365 works the app needs to be registered in the Azure admin panel first. Those settings then need to be saved in your NC installation before you can connect the app to a Office 365 account.


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Hello @sebastiank I Make app in MS Entra for connector, get all info Exept redirect URL, after autorization in connected account for EWS connector login password on my cloud i got error message cos not have redirect URL (AADSTS500113: No reply address is registered for the application.) , can u help with solution how to in MS Entra for EWS Connector please . Thank You!

Good Morning Tomas,

Yes, I need to make a guide on how to connect this app to O365, just haven’t had time to do so.

For now you can follow this guide,

The steps are the same. But…

Make sure you select "EWS.AccessAsUser.All " in the “Api Permissions” section. And under the “Authentication” section that you have the correct redirect url. “https://(your domain)/apps/integration_ews/connect-ms365”


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Good Morning Sebastian,
Thank you very much for your work! And for the answer, I went to set it up)))

I make all what you say , and make all steps what in instruction , I put redirect URL in WEB application , After I put Tennant id secret and app id in config EWS Nextcloud app, after go connected accounts input my office365 credentials , 2fa code, and after that it ask me save session Yes or No , ok yes, and after I got error {“error”:“Strict Cookie has not been found in request”}

Hi Tomas,

This error is from Microsoft or your NC installation?

If its from Microsoft try clicking No to saving the session.


Good morning Sebastian, I apologize for the long response. It seems to me that I am doing something wrong, after any user enters their data from Office365 in the window that pops up - the NC start page is simply opened and nothing happens. And so every time, if you open the Office365 website, it turns out that the user is already logged in. You exit Office365, click connect to account again on the NC page, it asks you to enter data from Office365, and the NC start page opens again. In Entra you can see that the user is logged into the app for EWS Connector in the applog.

Hi Tomas,

I’m going to PM you to see if we can fix this.


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