Exchange EWS Connector (Exchange Web Services) Beta Available

Hi Everyone,

I have been using NC for about 5+ years now and have always wanted seamless integration for Contacts and Calendars between our exchange based mail system and NC. I have always thought that the lack of this capability was a drawback for companies to adopt NC more widely.

So after 5 years of thinking about it, I decided to create the app myself. Its been a frustrating and interesting 3 month experience, working on this integration module. But…

The app is now available on the NC app store in the Beta channel, ready for more wider testing.

Please let me know, your thoughts on this app, your experience with it and what can be improved.

Here is a quick summary of what is supported and required:

Capabilities and Limitations

The following is a short list of things that work and limitations.

  • Supported On-Premise Exchange Systems: Echange 2007-2022, GFI Kerio Connect, SmarterMail, Etc
  • Supported Off-Premise Exchange Systems: Microsoft Exchage 365, OVH Cloud, Etc
  • Supported Authentications: Basic, NTLM, OAuth2
  • Passive (scheduled) and Active (live) Syncronization
  • Account Auto Discovery
  • Personal and Public Calendar Syncronization
  • Personal and Public Contacts Syncronization
  • Personal and Public Tasks Syncronization
  • Mail App Integration

About 95% of the properties between Nextcloud and EWS are transferable and supported for both Contacts, Calendars and Tasks, some properties are limited due to the limitations of both systems.

Please read the full documentation (link below).


This app has some minimal requirements for passive synchronization and a few more for active synchronization.

Basic Requirements
  • Nextcloud instance (≥ 26.0.0)
  • PHP (≥ 8.0.0)
  • PHP Curl Package Installed
  • PHP Soap Package Installed

Please read the full documentation (link below).

Thank you!