Every user have to login twice since NC 12.0.0


we use our AD for authentication on our NC 12.0.0 server. Since the update to NC 12.0.0 every user have to login twice. If I type in username and password the screen will be reloaded and I have to do it again. Then the login is working. This also happening with local NC users.
The first login I cannot see in the NC log, the second logging I can see.
Also the dashboard is not very stable. If I change from files to Activity it can happen that I fall back to the login screen. If I login than I’m in the Activity. Very often the users receive the message:

Does anyone have an idea what I can check?

What have I done until now:

  • Tested with local our AD users
  • Checked my firewall setting that NC have access to AD
  • Checked the settings in the php.ini
  • Checked with different browsers

Nextcloud version 12.0.0
Operating system and version CentOS 6.9
Apache 2.2.15
PHP version 5.6.30

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I’m seeing this often. Nextcloud 27.0.1, Firefox 115.0.2.

I think these are all related / duplicates:

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Any chance you have >1 NC instance (like a test deployment - or have in the past) hosted on the same domain (but possibly a different port or on a subdomain)?

That’s the only time I encounter this (I think) and I’ve assumed it’s because of SameSite cookies. The reason being that same-site only requires the base domain and scheme to be the same, but ignores subdomains and ports:

All considered same-site:

I’ve meant to dig into this deeper, but never gotten around to it. I only see it in my test instances, but never production (former are more likely to share base domains / just different ports).

No, I don’t.