Evernote Replacement

There are also several other open-source note clients that could be adapted to work with a Nextcloud backend. This has some interesting ones:


Simplenote might be the nicest of them regarding the clean interface, and while the server is closed, the API seems to be well documented and for example implemented in this 3rd party server:

(too bad it is Python based, otherwise NC integration was easier…)

This might also be worth looking at:


W.r.t. Zim Wiki (which I don’t know at all, just following the links you provided), there seems to be a subproject working on “A Firefox extension that allows a user to take snippets of web pages and place them into Zim.” https://launchpad.net/zimcapture/ (might be outdated since newest version is from 2012, but I just wanted to point out).

Uhh, looks like we might see an upgrade or release of a Markdown tool with a WYSIWYG interface soon, see:

Seems to need node.js though.

Rich Text editing is one thing. . we would also need to have a proper web clipping tool (not just something that takes screenshots - those are a dime a dozen).

@aproposnix Take a look at the excellent web clipping tool for Tagspaces: based on Electron, fully open source, should be usable independently with some mild tweaking as mentioned here, and currently available for latest Chrome / Firefox browsers. I’m submitting requests for it to be usable with Nextcloud so we could web clip Bookmarks and Notes from the same tool.

See Nextcloud Notes issue #169 for request to integrate the web clipper.
See Nextcloud Bookmarks issue #442 for request to integrate the web clipper.

I’ve used it already. I have many issues with it including:

  1. Clipping is very limited - you are essentially just downloading the webpage instead of actually clipping it. I can do the exact same thing by clicking “save as” in the browser
  2. Unless you clip a screenshot, no images are clipped
  3. Doesn’t keep formatting - only the text
  4. Can’t clip tables
  5. Clips should be automatically sent to the application- not a download
  6. Cannot attach files to a note (a link to a file is not the same)
  7. Way too many clicks required to do simple things
  8. This application is very hard to mange when you have a 1000+ notes (and that’s after grooming) - esp., searching
  9. No way to share files (esp., via email)
  10. No way to export files into popular formats like PDF
  11. No way of importing Evernote archives
  12. The UI requires a total overahul

Sorry for the late reply… I only just saw your post.

  1. Everpad - Still uses EN servers
  2. Nixnote - Uses EN servers (though you could have a local folder)
  3. Springseed - long dead + md
  4. Simplenote - md
  5. Geeknote - it’s cool but if I wanted to work in text only I would use MD (which I defintaly do not want)
  6. Turtl - MD

maybe this: https://www.notebooksapp.com

Create beautiful documents or quickly write down notes.
Manage complex projects or set up simple task lists.
Collect and organize all your files and records.
Sync between your iPad, iPhone, Mac and PC.

This one does keep the images with the document (one of the requirements).

Cannot add other files types to a note (like a doc or pdf).

Unfortunately this is proprietary with no Linux client (including 3rd party).

Offers no clipping. The synchronization is based on the users syncing service (which is NOT a bad thing).

Have you tried Joplin? Imports Evernote data with no problems, syncs to Nextcloud over WebDav, and has mobile / desktop apps for all platforms. Definitely off to a promising start.


@just Thanks a lot for pointing out that Nextcloud is now supported by Joplin!

It’s markdown.

Joplin rocks!

Joplin is not an Evernote replacement. It is an MD note management system which allows users to import EN notes into it. If you are a frequent user of Evernote and clip a lot of complex content from the internet, then you may not want to use Joplin. However, if you are a user who makes simple text based notes with minimal formatting, then Joplin is pretty good.

It’s ability to connect to Nextcloud is not that big a selling point as most users who use Nextcloud tend to have the desktop sync client anyway.

I’m glad to see that you are sharing your enthusiasm about md editors, but this thread is specifically for creating a Rich Text (aka wysiwyg) replacement for evernote.

Can we please stay on topic?

I think to get a full replacement for every feature of Evernote, somebody has to make the effort to either improve an existing app like Ownnote or Nextnote or write something completely new. The latter is not a great idea because it would be “yet another notes app” that would probably stall or get abandoned over time.

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On adding specific features to compete with Evernote, it’ll have to be done issue by issue, and many API features still need to be graciously requested from the busy devs. Here are some open issues that could help when implemented…

Send body and subject of emails into various Nextcloud Note apps.
Allow unprivileged users to automatically save email attachments in Nextcloud Files directory.
Add WYSIWYG editing to Joplin.
Add WYSIWYG editing to Nextcloud Notes
Add checkboxes to Nextcloud Notes
Drag&Drop media support for Nextcloud Notes
Add edit/preview toggle to Nextcloud Notes
Highlight and filter Nextcloud Notes
Drag&Drop photo support for Joplin
Use modified Tagspaces web clipper to save Nextcloud Notes and Nextcloud Bookmarks

Personally, I think the biggest issue is the web clipper. The current FOSS clippers are grossly inadequate for modern web pages. Here’s an example of this page clipped in both Tagspaces Clipper and Evernote.

This paged clipped from Tagspaces:

This page Clipped in Evernote:


@aproposnix Hmm, I actually haven’t had problems saving things with the web clipper in the past couple years… formatting bug report filed. Another bug is the Firefox extension you used is missing it’s usual save as mhtml feaure called Save Complete Page… it is either broken or missing. Works just fine in Chromium. See github issue filed here. Chrome capture looks like this:

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I’m not convinced that the Tag spaces clipper is good enough as a replacement for Evernote clipper - Not without a lot of development.

So I installed the clipper in Chrome and sure enough, there’s an option to save in MHTML. I clipped this thread and still see some formatting issues. Have a look:

With regards to Tagspaces - I’m also not keen on the multiple types of notes. I know for some people this is an advantage but for me, as a long time evernote user, I would prefer having a single type of note (in the case of Evernote it’s all in ENML - a subset of xhtml) and have the ability to export in different files types. For me, this default ‘show everything’ only creates visual clutter which makes it difficult to focus on writing.