Evernote Replacement


This one does keep the images with the document (one of the requirements).

Cannot add other files types to a note (like a doc or pdf).

Unfortunately this is proprietary with no Linux client (including 3rd party).

Offers no clipping. The synchronization is based on the users syncing service (which is NOT a bad thing).


Have you tried Joplin? Imports Evernote data with no problems, syncs to Nextcloud over WebDav, and has mobile / desktop apps for all platforms. Definitely off to a promising start.


@just Thanks a lot for pointing out that Nextcloud is now supported by Joplin!


It’s markdown.


Joplin rocks!


Joplin is not an Evernote replacement. It is an MD note management system which allows users to import EN notes into it. If you are a frequent user of Evernote and clip a lot of complex content from the internet, then you may not want to use Joplin. However, if you are a user who makes simple text based notes with minimal formatting, then Joplin is pretty good.

It’s ability to connect to Nextcloud is not that big a selling point as most users who use Nextcloud tend to have the desktop sync client anyway.

I’m glad to see that you are sharing your enthusiasm about md editors, but this thread is specifically for creating a Rich Text (aka wysiwyg) replacement for evernote.

Can we please stay on topic?


I think to get a full replacement for every feature of Evernote, somebody has to make the effort to either improve an existing app like Ownnote or Nextnote or write something completely new. The latter is not a great idea because it would be “yet another notes app” that would probably stall or get abandoned over time.


On adding specific features to compete with Evernote, it’ll have to be done issue by issue, and many API features still need to be graciously requested from the busy devs. Here are some open issues that could help when implemented…

Send body and subject of emails into various Nextcloud Note apps.
Allow unprivileged users to automatically save email attachments in Nextcloud Files directory.
Add WYSIWYG editing to Joplin.
Add WYSIWYG editing to Nextcloud Notes
Add checkboxes to Nextcloud Notes
Drag&Drop media support for Nextcloud Notes
Add edit/preview toggle to Nextcloud Notes
Highlight and filter Nextcloud Notes
Drag&Drop photo support for Joplin
Use modified Tagspaces web clipper to save Nextcloud Notes and Nextcloud Bookmarks


Personally, I think the biggest issue is the web clipper. The current FOSS clippers are grossly inadequate for modern web pages. Here’s an example of this page clipped in both Tagspaces Clipper and Evernote.

This paged clipped from Tagspaces:

This page Clipped in Evernote:


@aproposnix Hmm, I actually haven’t had problems saving things with the web clipper in the past couple years… formatting bug report filed. Another bug is the Firefox extension you used is missing it’s usual save as mhtml feaure called Save Complete Page… it is either broken or missing. Works just fine in Chromium. See github issue filed here. Chrome capture looks like this:


I’m not convinced that the Tag spaces clipper is good enough as a replacement for Evernote clipper - Not without a lot of development.

So I installed the clipper in Chrome and sure enough, there’s an option to save in MHTML. I clipped this thread and still see some formatting issues. Have a look:

With regards to Tagspaces - I’m also not keen on the multiple types of notes. I know for some people this is an advantage but for me, as a long time evernote user, I would prefer having a single type of note (in the case of Evernote it’s all in ENML - a subset of xhtml) and have the ability to export in different files types. For me, this default ‘show everything’ only creates visual clutter which makes it difficult to focus on writing.


I look for the same thing long time, Evernote Replacement with WebDAV sync! But until now i found nothing.

The only “web Clipper” which work great is from Pocket and Evernote :frowning:


Ever tried Wallabag? it is not integrated into Nextcloud sadly but it saves webpages pretty well.


I believe the code for Pocket is now available on Github. I know that the Onenote clipper from Microsoft is now opensource (MIT license)



Mixed Results. It’s more a pocket replacement than an Evernote replacement.


Here’s another note taking app which seems to be proprietary (it’s cross platform and supports Linux).

It’s the first note taking app I’ve seen in a while that seems to understand the importance of clean design. The big thing for me is that if offers both md and RT in a useable way.


Web to SE is a recent Firefox Quantum web clipper and I just tested it lightly… did a great job of turning this thread into “enhanced html”… whatever that means. Apparently Firefox has removed MHTML support as of August. This app is GNU Public License 2 so I’m sending the source code to Tagspaces as a possible solution for getting better formatting in the web clipper.

@aproposnix Please be sure to submit any bugs (or feature requests) you find in Tagspaces to their github as lead dev uggrock takes such reports seriously. :slight_smile:


Since I do not use it I’m not sure I’m willing to spend time reportng bugs. I think the UI is way too cluttered and distracting as well as it’s just dumping everything into the notes list (even things not supported by it) - it’s more a file manager with the ability to view and edit text files IMHO.


thanks, i will have a look…


Couple quick questions for you (or anyone reading this thread).

Are you currently using Evernote?
Have you tried any FOSS alternatives to Evernote?
What app features are you looking for in an Evernote replacement besides editing Markdown?