Event cancel mail is sent but it was not cancelled


I’m seeing a bug (I think). Sometimes (not always, not sure what is the cause) my invitees receive a mail with a cancelation of an event. But I did not cancel this event. In my calendar (calendar app ios) everything is still normal… Where should I start to look for more information about this bug? I’m not seeing anything in the logs.



i’ve the same problem on my side with the iphone 6 of my partner.
Every time he creates and invite someone else, the event is automatically canceled within the hour.
I’ve investigated many times in the logs or activity module and on his computer and phone. I didn’t found a clue.
I’ve found similar topic on GitHub about thi bug. https://github.com/nextcloud/calendar/issues/4748
Probably a bug with a caldav function.

Let us know if there is some progress about this.