Ethercalc Etherpad support

Why was support for ethercalc and ehterpad ever dropped? This renders nextcloud useless for people without access to a private server or a VPS and thereby excluding the majority of possible users. Collabora and OnlyOffice might be better but, not quite an option for most of us. It used to work just fine and you killed it. Why??? Only viable solution to us is to try to hack it on our own. Are you trying to sell VPSs?

Thank you for the reply. It seem that ownpad is just glue/intermediery software for etherpad and ethercal. Setting up all these just seems a huge ordeal (if not impossible since shell access is required for some). Meanwhile I’m finding out documentation is quite lacking. Things should not be this hard, It defeats the point of having platforms like nextcloud.

There never was any other Ethercalc and Etherpad support in Nextcloud or Owncloud other that Ownpad… are you sure you know what you are referring to? Maybe the old WebODF documents app?

Probably that. Integrated document editing is critical. Even if no collaboration is supported.