Errors on new install NC28 aio

Nextcloud version: Nextcloud AIO v7.11.0
Operating system and version: Unraid 6.12.8
Apache or nginx version Nginx v2.10.4
PHP version - Notsure

I was just wondering if anyone has a clean install of NC28 aio that has zero errors / warnings etc in the logging?

Hi, what kind of errors do you have? Can you post a screenshot here?

Hi szaimen,

I did a clean instal yesterday, I still have my learner plates on so happy to re install and play around… seems to be a good way to learn.

This is my best attempt yet.

I have been trying to look them up as i go but havent found many…
Example, I think the HMAC error is a bug and has to do with my mobile app.

The last error I had was when I was setting everything up…

Since i have finished setting it up, I have connected to NC and transferred files with my mobile app, Installed, run and tranfered files with desktop app, I have also added files directly to the share on my server. The uploads have all worked perfectly, no new errors

The nextcloud setup is also working perfectly “at the moment”

As for the ip-address that is logged, see What if the correct remote ip-address is not shown in the Nextcloud logs when login fails? · nextcloud/all-in-one · Discussion #2045 · GitHub

As for the redis connection issues see Random connectivity issues after enabling ipv6 for the internal network · nextcloud/all-in-one · Discussion #2557 · GitHub

I have not installed the bruteforce app/pluggin? I think i did that on a previous install… should i try that first?

@szaimen So i dont have any ip-address shown as brute-force throttled. I would like to go ahead and disable ipv6 and see if that fixes the issue…

Question - how to i get to /etc/docker/daemon.json so i can enter the following into the config?
“userland-proxy”: false

Perhaps this will eliminate both of these errors.

Although i have not “knowingly” enabled ipv6 i will run through this process later today.

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