Errors in Nextcloud setup

  1. I am new to Ubuntu, Nextcloud, Apache, PHP, etc…so please be patient.
  2. Situation - I have set up my own Ubuntu server on a home machine with static IP.
  3. I have followed TechGuides installation directions for installing Nextcloud.
  4. I am at the end of install/config but receive the following errors which I have spent a couple days trying to research/understand/resolve but I fear my skill level is not adequate.

There are some errors regarding your setup.

  • Last background job execution ran 2 hours ago. Something seems wrong. Check the background job settings :arrow_upper_right:.

  • You are accessing your instance over a secure connection, however your instance is generating insecure URLs. This most likely means that you are behind a reverse proxy and the overwrite config variables are not set correctly. Please read the documentation page about this :arrow_upper_right:.

  • Accessing site insecurely via HTTP. You are strongly advised to set up your server to require HTTPS instead, as described in the security tips :arrow_upper_right:.

Any specific instructions would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome to the userforums of NC.

Frankly I really don’t understand your questions as you yourself linked to the solutions of your problems.

ummm … NC only works with a domain name. But you could get yourself one… like own-name.setdomainname.tld - that could be for free.
Or you buy yourself your own domain. It’s not that expensive.

well your usecase might differ from everyone elses usecase. NC was made to help you getting your data away from 3rd party companies which use all your data for their benefit. What do YOU want to use NC for?

I went on NameCheap and bought a Domain name. I have never done this before so maybe you can answer a question or two. Do I need to also buy SSL and do I need CSR? I see these being prompted after my domain purchase. Remember I have my own server with Nextcloud installed. Thanks for any guidance.

nope. use Letsencrypt. it comes for free.

pls enable those… it’s important for a secure transmission of your data from/to server

For Lets Encrypt you can read the part

Secure NextCloud with Let's Encrypt Free SSL
in this documentation.

I followed the steps and information and now seem to be worse off. I was able to put my server IP in my URL and NextCloud would open up. Now with the changes to ssl and following directions on redirecting HTTP to HTTPs my IP in my URL brings me to Ubuntu Apache2 Ubuntu Default Page. It pretty much says that Apache is working well but now i can’t get to Nextcloud. Any ideas?

I think you set the wrong directory in your apache2 configs (http and ssl).
Name is e.g.