Error within NextCloud browser UI

Hi All,

I am looking for some advice. I am currently running nextcloud 19.0.4 on an AWS instance. I have had no trouble with NextCloud before but all of a sudden when accessing nextcloud via a browser (Chrome/Safari/Internet Explorer) all of the files no longer appear (but i can still access them via mobile app, MacOS app, and Windows App). There is just no list of files within a browser.

Secondly at the same time this happened, where i have embedded external links in the menu, when it opens up it opens up in a small frame within the window which is unusable.

I am not sure what error has occurred to cause this, and i was hoping that when i upgraded from 19.0.4 to 19.0.5 it would fix it, but it hasn’t. I have also disabled numerous add on’s but that hasn’t fixed it either.

Please see attached some screenshots.