Error with CardDAV shared address book


I have successfully created a shared address book and deployed via airwatch to my iPhones.

The shared address book is named " shared AB" and is shared from User A to User B and is in read only mode. The B user default address book named “Contacts” is disabled

The sharing works flawlessly, I can see the shared contacts but I can’t add a new contact to this address book.

The problem is that my users suddenly add a new contact to the “contacts” address book (which is disabled) and all my company can see it.

Can you please help me?

Nextcloud version 20.0.14
Contacts app version 4.0.6

So users (that are supposed to be read-only) can add contacts, and you, that is sharing as a owner, can’t add a contact?

Since last November, NC 20 is out of support.

For contacts issues, check the bug tracker as well, if such an error was reported, perhaps it was already fixed in the current version:

All my devices use the same account to see the shared contacts; we set his name to “User B”.
User B has a shared address book from “User A” in read only mode.

User B has also the default personal address book named “contacts”
Immagine 2022-03-05 145910

if I try to delete it, it will reappear. If I disable it, somehow some users can still populate this address book.

Ok I try the update but I think it’s not the problem. Perhaps it’s a contacts app bug.

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