Error while setting up nextcloud 12

Hello everyone,
While trying to setup nextcloud 12 for the frist time (first time ever using nextcloud) I came across the error: Error while trying to create admin user: Failed to connect to the database: An exception occured in driver: SQLSTATE[HY000][2006] MySQL server has gone away. I have succesfully set up a LAMP stack and can go to https://IP-OF-SERVER/nextcloud but when trying to log in I get that error after 5 minutes of loading…

I apreciate anyone looking into this :slight_smile:


(sorry English is not my native language)

Is your MySQL server running?
sudo service mysql status

Yes mysql is indeed running.
while going into apache error.log file I came across a few things:

  1. my ssl gives an error (something wrong with the email) (selfsigned using this tutorial).
  2. script ‘/var/www/html/status.php’ not found or unable to stat.

Thx for replying anyway :smile:


Please show your logfiles, Nextcloud and probably Apache and MySQL.


next ones are coming.





Please copy and paste the relevant data, for example here: or

Hello still thx for replying but how can I do that? I have ubuntu 16.04 server how to I paste something to github?

Connect via SSH to your Server and then copy the logs. Then paste them to

I will post the logs soon… but I barely have any free time on this project so it’ll probebly be a day or 2 more waiting.
sorry for letting you hear anything from me.


Hello overyone,
The pc I was testing on was pretty old and died yesterday so I’ll have to stop this experiment of mine… so thx for wanting to help ftaut.


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