Error while reading the database in the client

My desktop client (Version 3.10.0 (Ubuntu)) is displaying me this error Error while reading the database when trying to sync the Documents folder.

This error doesn’t appear on my other computer, and the synchronization is working just well on it (I checked on the web browser).

I didn’t find anything in the logs (maybe I didn’t look at the right log file). I upgraded nextcloud server to the last version, and did the following commands to rescan the files and try to repair the database but it didn’t solve the problem:

$ occ files:scan --all

$ occ files:scan-app-data

$ occ files:cleanup
0 orphaned file cache entries deleted
0 orphaned mount entries deleted

$ occ files:repair-tree
Found 0 file entries with an invalid path
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I get this continuously. I’m on Windows 11.

Trying many options to check logs, and updating Nextcloud server and client to the latest version didn’t solve the problem. I had no error or warning in the configuration shown on the web browser admin panel.

What solved the problem was simply removing the sync connection of the folder with the problem and detecting the local folder, and then syncing it again. Now, everything works well.

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this worked for me :+1:

in more detail:

right-click on the sync client > [optional: make a screenshot to remember which folders you sync and which you don’t] > click on “…” at the right > remove folder synchronisation

then add folder synchronisation

(exact wording might vary, I am using the German version)

In my case this is related to a synced NasDrive. The error comes and goes and temporarily disappears after “force sync” or restarting the app. It has been the same issue on all my computers for a long time.