Error when sync local photos with NC server

Samsung Note 4, Android 6.0.1, NC client 3.13.0, NC server 19.0.3 (channel: “stable”)

During syncing photos located on phone SD memory card with NC server, NC Android client shows such error:

No space left on device

(The text above is translation from my language) But there is at least 8 GB free space on SD card and 16 GB internal memory.
Maybe the problem is the same as with the “Google Photo” application. Need to grant access rights for this application to the directory of photos on your SD card? Have an idea how to solve this problem?

Reallly 16 GB free on internal memoy? I think Nextcloud copys the pictures from your phto-SD also to internal memory for Nextcloud.

Where is the storage path of your Nextcloud Android app?
Examples: Storage path explained


Device memory 17,69 GB used from total 32 GB
Memory card used 124 MB from total 7,2 GB

The path to storage NC data is:

Is something wrong in my configuration?