Error when saving the user name

I’ve made a new public poll. Then I’ve opened the public link in another browser in order to check if the poll works properly. But unfortunately, when the dialogue appears where and I enter “No, I have no login data” and than enter a username and an email address and klick OK a message appears: “error when saving the user name”. But in the admin panel of my NC I now can see the username who wants to join the poll. But I can not send an invitation to him. Nothing happens when I click on the respective button. What did I wrong, and how can I solve that issue?

NC 20.0.4, Polls 1.6.3

There is a similair report here:

Unfortunately I am not able to reproduce this. The information, that the user is actually created, is new and important, thanks for that.

In the share panel, there is a link to copy the share URL for this user to the clipboard. This can be sent to the user.

I’ve found that the failure does not appear if - as optionally possible - an email adress not has been entered.

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Also experiencing the same issue, thanks for the workaround @vatolin

Thanks for the workaround, I also experience that issue. Is there already/still a github issue open for that topic?