Error when logging into account

When trying to log in to the account I am receiving this error:

Please accept the request on one of your logged in devices. You will be redirected automatically once this login has been accepted.

the employee is no longer part of the staff, and I cannot log in in any way, even when cleaning the devices in the administration menu.

Captura de tela de 2024-05-03 09-57-08

This message comes from 2fa. It looks you the only configured mfa method is twofactor Nextcloud notification which the system enforce here. as an admin you can lift multi-factor requirement and remove registered devices (or create one-time 2FA code using twofactor admin app).

When you login into users account always double check you are allowed to access the data - especially in case some private data could exist in the account - always involve have multiple people like HR and data protection officer and document the process to avoid legal issues.

Best practice would be to implement some process where leaving employees could take out/delete their data and hand over remaining company assets to somebody else.

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I activated the twofactor admin application and managed to generate a code to access an account, thanks for the help!

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