Error when assembling chunks, status code 404

Hello, just yesterday nextcloud stopped working for me, which has been successfully working for about a year.

When downloading any file, I get an error: “Error when assembling chunks, status code 404”

Technical details:

Nextcloud version: Latest
OS: Debian 10
Panel: Using the HestiaCP control panel (VestaCP Fork)
Web server: Apache + NGINX (Proxy)

The following is displayed in the server error log:

[Mon Dec 06 07: 33: 55.581112 2021] [proxy_fcgi: error] [pid 25840: tid 139779240851200] (70007) The timeout specified has expired: [client *********] AH01075: Error dispatching request to : (polling)

I forgot to say, I tried to reinstall the system, the result is a repetition of the same error.