Error warning php-fpm executing too slowly

I encountered some errors related to the php-fpm service causing server overload
At the time of testing, I noticed that php-fpm was processing a certain process that took up a very high amount of CPU.
I check the log and the results appear as below

Services on the server Rocky Linux 9

  • Nextcoud 28.0.2
  • nginx/1.20.1
  • php-fpm 8.2.11

It would be great to have some more information about the resources of your server and not as a screenshot please but as text in a fenced codeblock.

Then you should try to optimize your www.conf file, as [pool www] is the active pool your nginx is proxied to. I am not a CentOS/Rocky specialist but under Debian that file is located in


You can find that file with this command.

sudo find /etc -name "www.conf"

There is a lot of explanation inside of that file that will guide you to optimize it to your needs.

I hope this may help you to solve your problem and to remove bottlenecks.

Much and good luck,

Any errors or warning in the logfiles? Perhaps there is already a reason why it takes so long. Do you see other processes heavily used (e.g. the database)?

This is my server information when it is working normally

This is the log when my server reports being overloaded /var/log/php-fpm/www-slow.log

Edited configuration section on file www.conf
pm.max_children = 300
pm.start_servers = 25
pm.min_spare_servers = 25
pm.max_spare_servers = 75
pm.max_requests = 500
request_slowlog_timeout = 5
request_terminate_timeout = 60s

Do you have high i/o waits from the database?

For the number or parallel connections/number of users, your RAM usage is really moderate.