Error upload manual multiple folders in application nextcloud android

error manually uploading several folders of the android phone memory, in this case the dcim folder, which includes all the photo folders.
I tested with my nextcloud instance and with the demo and the same thing happens.
I have also tried with different phones and with versions of netcloud 13-0.0 and 13.0.2 and also with the latest version of the stable android app and dev.

the automatic camera upload works correctly and the manual file upload also … but folders there is no way

Any idea how to fix it?![

Thank you

@txordi I am sorry to having to tell you that you can’t fix this simply since selecting complete folders for manual upload hasn’t been implemented yet :confused:

thanks for the reply. It would be very good to implement it in new versions: D

I’m a new user and one of the first things I wanted to do was upload some folders (and their contents) to test things. The Android client not being able to upload a whole folder simply by selecting it is a surprise as it seems like basic functionality to me. Having to manually re-create the folder structure then individually navigate to each, select all, upload, then start over (from the root of the android file storage each time!) is not good UX.

Even worse, attempting to do a folder upload via long hold and then hitting upload results in server errors being reported back by the Android app.

As always with OSS projects changes are good if posted to the corresponding issue tracker :wink: And yes it would be good to have this in the app.