Error trying to login to Deck Android App through Nextcloud App login


I have the Nextcloud app working fine in my Android phone. I have logged in successfully using the 3D barcode and seems to be syncing correctly with my server. I installed all the apps from F-Droid.

The problem is that I have installed the Deck app also in my Android phone (I also have the Deck app installed in the server) but when I try to login it fails. To log in I select the account that is already logged in in the Nextcloud app, I accept giving access to the Deck app to that account, and then this is the error I get:

App Version: 1.16.2
App Version Code: 1016002
Server App Version: 0.6.4
App Flavor: fdroid

Files App Version Code: 30150190


OS Version: 4.9.265-perf-g0d5bbdafb51a(eng.root.20210409.110513)
OS API Level: 30
Device: beryllium
Manufacturer: Xiaomi
Model (and Product): POCO F1 (beryllium)


c.b.a.a.e.n: c.b.a.a.c.c
	at c.b.a.a.d.i.j(Unknown Source:33)
	at c.b.a.a.d.k.h(Unknown Source:6)
	at c.b.a.a.d.k.e(Unknown Source:0)
	at c.b.a.a.d.k.f(Unknown Source:0)
	at c.b.a.a.d.e.a(Unknown Source:6)
	at e.b.i.e.b.c.g(Unknown Source:7)
	at e.b.b.a(Unknown Source:14)
	at e.b.i.e.b.e$ Source:6)
	at e.b.e$ Source:9)
	at Source:13)
	at Source:0)
	at java.util.concurrent.ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor$
	at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
	at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$

Any idea how to fix it? Is this a problem with the configuration of my home server or a bug that I should report in github?

Hi, thanks for the quick answer. It seems like I will have to wait for F-Droid to update the app.

As a suggestion, the Nextcloud developers should set up your own F-Droid repository. The software to create the repository is open source and relatively simple. It would allow Nextcloud developers to push your apps with your own signature and without delays. Not that F-Droid maintainers have given ever any reason to distrust, but having apps with your own signatures adds security. Users receiving your apps without delay is also nice and would avoid situations like this one.

Here are the instructions Installing the Server and Repo Tools | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

Hope you guys consider it.

No reason to wait :wink: F-Droid allows the installation of two older versions (even more with enabled Archived repository):


  1. “We” are not related to or working for the Nextcloud GmbH, but a independent group of volunteers which have fun in programming :slightly_smiling_face:
  2. We have thought about this, and the benefit of pushing updates directly is interesting but nothing compared with the drawbacks
  • Hosting infrastructure (costs money & time)
  • User adoption: The amount of people using F-Droid is tiny compared to Play Store. Adding an extra barrier by requiring an additional repository to the default one will decrease the user adoption for no reason
  • It is actually a security benefit that we get the app from a completely independent build chain and adds trust to the Play Store: You can compare the builds of those two binaries. I as an user trust F-Droid more than most of the app sources themselves and therefore that the distributed package is equal to the source code :laughing:
  • F-Droid will probably not remove the app from their catalogue (and that’s fine), this will just add an additional release channel which we have to maintain
  1. Having this kind of problem is not nice, obviously, but after years without any bigger issues, this is no reason to change distribution process

I guess if one wants to improve the F-Droid experience, one could donate to their infrastructure and resources, maybe even rethink the pull concept and contribute some architectural ideas and / or code :slight_smile:

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The Deck app has been updated in F-Droid and the new version is working fine.