Error: Something happened


Trying to sign up with provider for free account and received a message - Error: Something happened

  • AlfaCloud
  • BelmontCloud

Does anyone know why I am unable to sign up with AlfaCloud / BelmontCloud?


ummm… why don’t you try your inquiry directly with alfacloud and belmontcloud?

btw: i would think twice if I would give my data to a company you can only reach by a contact-form or which is hiding their postal address on their homepage and just copy&paste TOS of NC instead of having their own. just my 2ct.

Thanks for your response. I’m new to Nextcloud so was looking to try one of the free providers for a trial period. I’ve taken your suggestion into consideration. Is there a provider that you could recommend for someone looking to try?

my buddy @devnull would tell you to head over to… they offer like 5GB for free “4ever”. I myself signed up there for a try and still have that account (which I rarely use)

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60 minutes nextcloud. no sign up. just to click something.

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Here is a list with providers. But there are more providers.
GitHub - nextcloud/providers: community-maintained list of Nextcloud providers

It it not works open an issue
If you do not have an account at github post it and we can open an issue that the provider in the list does not work.