"Error reading" .msi Nextcloud Desktop Client installation

Hello, I’m trying to install the Nextcloud Desktop Client but the installation is giving me an error, I’ll provide a printout of the error that’s happening. The .msi installer is the most current version possible, downloaded from the official nextcloud website. If anyone can help me I would be grateful!


Agent Ransack should not have to do anything with Nextcloud Desktop app.
Maybe the MSI has been deleted by your anti-virus-protection software.

In my eyes it looks very strange. - Please post the link, you used for download.

This print is a error example. In my case the error is: C:\Users\Pichau\Downloads/Nextcloud-3.13.0-x64.msi

I get the nextcloud client desktop in: Download and install Nextcloud

Sorted out! For some reason my user didn’t have permissions in the /Downloads folder, so I moved the installer to the C:\Program Files folder and managed to run it

Does the msi-file exist in the temporary unpack folder, while the error-dialog is appearing?
Does your antivirus software claim any problem with this file? - Sometimes it removes suspect files without any notification dialog , but silent in notification-bar.

You also may try the previous version: