Error Message Banner in the way

Sorry, I think I posted this in the wrong area the first time…

Cannot switch servers when error message banner pops up, I try to get to icon to switch server, ( I have 3 connections on my phone)

I get this error whenever I try to connect to a Nextcloud server when using a VPN (Nord) on my iPhone. Even after clearing all errors as soon as I get back to the screen where you can select another server the error banner pops up and blocks the icon.

When the error banner pops up it won’t clear long enough to switch servers. See image


can you reach your server from outside your local network or are you using a local adress? Try to reach your server from another network.


Doesn’t matter what network I am connecting with. If I use a browser I can connect but not wit the nextcloud iPhone app.

The problem with the error banner is another issue that needs to be addressed. Need to get rid of it.