Error message after moving data folder

Hey guys,

I had to change the nc data folder and therefore moved it to another location. nc seems to work okay, but I get error messages in admin page:
Data directory (/var/owncloud_data) is invalid Please check that the data directory contains a file ".ocdata" in its root.

/var/owncloud_data is the old location.

In database table oc_storages I can see old entries. Also my old data folder:
| local::/var/owncloud_data/ | 2 | 1 | NULL | | local::/var/nextcloud/data/ | 94 | 1 | NULL |
What shall I do? Should I simply delete the first entry? Rename the first entry to the second one?

I tried the rename, but as the key was already in place, I got an error about duplicate entries.

Moving the NC data directory is unsupported due to this very issue.

You’ll need to edit the database to reflect the new location wherever the old is referenced and hope for the best.

Okay. lets see what I can do. Thank you for sharing current state on this topic.