Error maj 20.0.4 vers 20.0.6 : “Step 3 is currently in process”

I can’t find a solution to this pb, no .step file to delete …
The pb persists even after reboot of the server, whether it is update via web or by
sudo -u nextcloud php updater.phar
No full partition, no maintenance mode activated.

Same problem here after initializing an update vom 20.0.6 to 20.0.7 using the web updater. Unfortunately I can not update the installation manually because I am not entitles running sudo on my instance.

Therefore, it would be great if somebody could find a workarround resolving this issue.

no solution ??

have you ever found a solution?
Im currently on 24.0.4 and never updated yet. It is stuck on step 3. Trying to start or stop maintenance mode gives me a “failed to connect to database” error.