Error iOS app: Metadata fileid absent

(I’m new to the forum but have been with OwnCloud / Nextcloud for years.)

Over the weekend I have upgrade to 14.0.1. When now opening the iOS client on my iPad or iPhone I receive the following message:

metadata fileid absent, record excluded, please fix

Nothing to be seen in Nextcloud log nor Apache log.
Nor do I experience any issues. The message only appears briefly when starting the iOS app and is never seen again until terminating the app and restarting it.

Any ideas?

sorry for the late reply but maybe there’s someone else with the same problem.

I had the same error today and it was because someone shared folders with the user that no longer existed. On the database I could cancel the shares and since then I don’t get the error message anymore.
Btw. 14.0.3 or 14.0.4 has made no difference

@Nextcloud can you make sure that when deleting folders, the share is also removed?

Thank you,

Have the same issue for months now any update ona fix