Error installing Files Antivirus App on version 10


I’m trying to install the Files Antivirus App in Nextcloud, version 10, and I’m getting the following error: This app cannot be installed because the following dependencies are not fulfilled: Server version 11 or higher is required.

The version of Antivirus app I’m trying to install is 1.0.0, downloaded directly from github.

I don’t understand the error. The highest version of Nextcloud is 10, so either the error message is displaying to the wrong number, or “Server version” is referring to something other than the version of Nextcloud?

Thank you,


You downloaded the version for Nextcloud 11, try for Nextcloud 10

That did it, thank you!

My only critique is that it’s confusing that the current version of the antivirus app that’s on github, is for a version of Nextcloud that doesn’t exist yet?

But thank you again for your help!!


I followed your directions, however, I am getting an error. “App ‘files_antivirus’ could not be installed!” I’ve checked permissions and ownership and its the same as other apps. I’m running:

Nextcloud 10.0.1 (stable)
PHP Version: 7.0.8
MySql: 5.7.16

Other apps install fine, but this one. Any thoughts?

Edit: The Anti-Virus version is:

In case you are still having issues, i managed to get past that error and install the app.

I had to make sure that the app folder was called files_antivirus

When I unzipped it, the folder was called files_antivirus-stable10 this showed the app in the gui but i was not able to install it until i renamed it to files_antivirus

Great! Thank you so much - this worked.

Hi, @nickvergessen , that link is dead, do mind to share new one ? my nextcloud using version 11 but, the antivirus require 12