Error in fresh installation

Hi there!

New user here, I have installed nexcloudpi in a raspberrypi and everything was looking good until I ended the configuration and when trying to access nextcloud I get a generic “Internal Server Error” :frowning:

I don’t know how to look at the log. The system info is:

System Info

NextCloudPi version v1.4.5
distribution Raspbian GNU/Linux 9 \n \l
automount yes
USB devices sda sdb
datadir /media/USBdrive/ncdata (doesn’t exist)
rootfs usage 3.4G/15G
swapfile /var/swap
dbdir /var/lib/mysql
Nextcloud check error
HTTPD service up
PHP service up
MariaDB service up
Redis service up
Postfix service up
internet check ok
port check 80 open
port check 443 open
interface wlan0
NAT loopback yes
uptime 24min

Can you help me?