Hi there!

Just upgraded to latest NC version under a fully updated Debian Buster.

I got this error every time I go to “Apps”. It didn’t happend before (some hours ago) as I was able to install some apps. I guess the problem is something realted with DNS.

The error (summarized):

[index] Error: Exception: Undefined constant "OC\Http\Client\CURLOPT_RESOLVE" in file '/home/REDACTED/public_html/nextcloud/lib/private/Http/Client/DnsPinMiddleware.php' line 147 at <<closure>>

I have done this tests:

php -r "var_dump(dns_get_record('', DNS_A));"
php -r "var_dump(dns_get_record('', DNS_AAAA));"
php -r "var_dump(dns_get_record('', DNS_CNAME));"

Only de CNAME didn’t get results, so in DnsPinMiddleware.php I made the following change:

/** $dnsTypes = [DNS_A, DNS_AAAA, DNS_CNAME]; #Modificado!! */
       $dnsTypes = [DNS_A, DNS_AAAA];

But still got the error.

Any ideas how to solve? Thanks