Error during Upgrade ownCloud 9.1.2 to Nextcloud 10.0.1

Tried to upgrade owncloud 9.1.2 to nextcloud 10.0.1

I downloaded the tar.bz2 archive of nextcloud and unpacked the whole files to my old owncloud dir.
(Before nade a backup of my ownclou files)

Under /var/www/owncloud i allowed all files to www-data:www-data
Then command as root

sudo -u www-data php occ maintenance:mode --on
sudo -u www-data php occ upgrade

=> Error occured mentioning thar downgrade from 9.1.2.x to an instance is not allowed. ?? although it is the root of a 10.0.1 ??

Under … / owncloud/upgrade.php this version ( is mentioned in line …

Changing this to 10.0.1.x
followed by

sudo -u www-data php occ upgrade

Upgrade starts -> but stops after a while with error “…disbale files is not allowed …”

How to up from 9.1.2 (ownCloud) to 10.0.1 (nextcloud) ?

The internal version number is the problem ?
-> can it be done from 9.1.2 -> nc 11.x (beta) because of a higher interbal version number?

Many Thanks for help

ubuntu server 16.04.1
PHP 7.0.8

Yes, that’s probably the problem. If your ownCloud is still running, you can perhaps wait until next week when NC 10.0.2 is released? Or then NC 11 later next month.


Which internal version number will nc 10.0.2 have?

No idea.

I opened an issue on the bugtracker:

So I tried to Upgrade from 9.1.2 to the 11 RC1 which is out shortly.

Nearly a perfect upgrade (by Terminal) but lost 2 apps because of incompatibility

passwords v19 or 20 beta6 makes no diff (not working)


Never the less -> the v11 of nextcloud with internal Version 10.0.6 did the trick for the upgrade :slight_smile: