Error connecting to nextcloudpi via ssh

Hi everyone,

my nextcloud instance is currently in maintenance mode because somehow I didnt exit it properly. I’m trying to do so now. For that I’m trying to connect to the NCP via ssh. I get the following error after logging in with my admin account:

NextCloudPi v1.19.0 is up to date

Update to buster available. Type ‘sudo ncp-dist-upgrade’ to upgrade

Last login: Fri Nov 22 07:47:18 2019 from

Could not chdir to home directory /nonexistent: No such file or directory

This account is currently not available.

Connection to closed.

The is my Laptop from which I’m trying to connect. Does anybody have any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks in advance.

Hi i have the same Problem.

Want update the whole system. Did you have an answer.

the ncp user is not for SSH usage. In pi user user pi in odroid use user root

Is there a default password for user pi? I don’t recall setting one

On a Raspberry Pi the default password of the user “pi” is “raspberry” :wink:

Ah, and there is the solution. Thank you both for your help. Have a nice evening.

Groan. I’ve been looking everywhere for the password so that I could shutdown and restart. It did not occur to me that the answer was so simple. I’m just pleased that I’m not alone in this. :blush:

The answer was also available from