Error 500 after migration

Hello world!

Today I tried to migrate my Owncloud instance to Nextcloud. First I used the migration tool, it worked fine but I was unable to perform the upgrade normally. So I used the dirty fix described here and the upgrade runs normally. After the upgrade, Nextcloud was installed but an error 500 appeared and I can’t use Nextcloud.

After that first fail, I restored my Owncloud instance and I tried to migrate manually. I have downloaded the lastest tar.bz2 , extracted it and copied the folders data, config and apps into the new one. I also did a copy of the database and renamed it to “nextcloud” and I have changed the config file to match this database. But I still have the same problem: error 500 and Nextcloud doesn’t works.

Finally I have deleted the nextcloud folder and the nextcloud database and I have performed a fresh install but the problem is still here and Nextcloud can’t be installed on my server.

My server configuration:
OS: Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS x64
HTTP: Apache 2.4.18
MySQL: 5.0.12
PHP: 7.0.28
My PHPInfo

Thank you for your help.

Best regards