Error "405 Method Not Allowed"

A user on our instance get [405 Method Not Allowed] when she is trying to klick on a link to a chat. We are on debian 10.10 and NC 21.0.3. I think she is trying to access from the Iphone appunnamed

This is a bug in the Nextcloud iOS app.
You can follow the issue here: Handle "WEB" actions correctly in notifications 路 Issue #1697 路 nextcloud/ios 路 GitHub
There is already a PR to fix this issue in: Handle "WEB" notification action. by Ivansss 路 Pull Request #1698 路 nextcloud/ios 路 GitHub so probably the bugfix for this issue will be included in the next release.


one of our users gets exactly that error on iOS. All other users (iOS and Android) are working fine.

Is there anything we can do? Does this user have to wait for a new release?

His App version says: Nextcloud Liquid for iOS (C) 2021

We use NextCloud Server 22.2.3.

The fix was pushed on Oct 11, release 4.0.6 is still from August: Releases 路 nextcloud/ios 路 GitHub, so you have to wait for a new release.