Error 403 you don't have permission

Hello, I have installed next cloud on a ubuntu server with a web domain name. everything is up and running just fine except i cannot upload files using the NC web gui or NC mobile app. I get a permission error.

the storage device connected to the server is a qnap nas device.

via a ssh terminal window i can add files and move files to and from the the nas just fine. via a windows pc i can add files to the nas just fine through a mapped network folder.

any files placed on the nas via the terminal or windows pc are viewable through NC web gui or mobile app.

I just cant use NC to add files. there’s some type of permission i must be missing.

I do have the NFS permissions set in the nas device to allow the ip address of the server.

any help on this would be greatly appreciated, i have searched the web for days on this and am unable to figure this issue out.