Error 403 when I am login

When I connect to NextCloud I get a 403 error, what can I do?

@jordand can you send more information ? nextcloud version , type of the installation ( manual , docker, snap …), logs from nextcloud ( /…/data/nextcloud.log) , apache config file for your server.

The last stable version, manual installation

@Mageunic My nextcloud logs :
My NGINX Config file:

@jordand there are 2 error one is your htaccess which have no domain defined ( maybe this can solve the problem: sudo -u www-data php /.../nextcloud/occ maintenance:update:htaccess ) and the second one is the most important:

Failed to connect to the database

check if your dbuser and dbuser password are good in your config.php ( /…/nextcloud/config/config.php)

@Mageunic I use NGINX so htaccess is not used.

@jordand ok :+1:, I have never used nginx …
have you check db information in your config.php ?

Yes but I still have the same problem.

@jordand this is strange … but I don’t know how to solve your issue …

It’s solved, the error came from the VHOST NGINX

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