Error 403 forbidden page after fresh installation HELP SEARCH

debian 12, nginx, postgresql, nextcloud fresh install on my own server - after the successfully web installation I’m redirected all the time to the address (https://ip/nextcloud/apps/dashboard/) [403 Forbidden]
I not think it is a file permission issue but a hosting setting. Looking for help to solve this issue (I’m a private user)

Are you looking for some guidance on the forum or to hire someone to fix it for you? You posted in the Freelancing section, but if you’re willing to do some of the hands-on providing of the necessary information you can also post your query the Support area.

P.S. Check your nextcloud.log (located in your configured data directory by default). It will have the explanation for what is going on as long as the request is at least getting through your web server to the Nextcloud application.