Enterprise version vs Community one

Hi ! This is Michel from Brazil!

I am really noob here and in Nextcloud world, but I’m got interested on it because the open-source approach. However, there is some questions about the difference between Enterprise version and Community one.

1 - What means by it says community edition get only 9 month for Security Update ? I think that means "We (Nexcloud maintainer) will not put effort in to update the community version, but its source-code on github will be available to get pull requests from community maintainers when 9 month get past "

2 - When applicable, features updates for Nextcloud will be also released for community version when it get past 9 month ? I hope yes, because the enterprise version would get advantage when some community maintainer put some path feature (usually security pathes) there, does it ?

3 - Can a given company or non-profit organization (e.g. churches and charities ) to use the Nextcloud community version instead of use the Enterprise one ? (Sorry I did not read all of AGPL3 License for now. Do you mind just to say “yes” or “no” ?)

Thank you for the help!

First you can read Nextcloud Fair Use Policy and NGO program and Nextcloud Enterprise.

Read maintenance and Release Schedule. Normal users can or must upgrade Nextcloud regular. At some companies it is not possible and they can then use older versions. There is no disadvantage as long as you regularly install new versions.

Feature updates are always in the newest versions. And with only 9 month support you must install newer versions than some companies.

I think everybody can use the community version. It is AGPL. If you do not need support and if you have not 500+ users (push notification, message at login) you can make what you want.

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Got it …
I think you solved the other question, but the third one I’m still struggling with to understand it …

Yes… I did already note that point in the comparison on the nextcloud page, but I still get confusing about it, because what if I get +500 users requests ? Can I adapt the code and devops things on nextcloud community version ? I think on that specific feature the Enterprise version codebase is only otimized for a huge requesting … So I think everyone can adapt the community version by themself to achieve the same result…

For now, I am assuming that as far as I know a little about the AGPL license, I can use the software normally ,even that get 500+ users…
The same like you think

Yes you can modify things, but you have to publish them as well (perhaps just when you redistribute, there I’m not sure and you need to check the license in detail). If you publish your modifications or contribute them to the main repository there certainly is no problem.

Yes you don’t need a license.

The issue are the push notifications. Problem is that they are send to mobile devices and the app-stores require a specific server to send notifications. Nextcloud GmbH has such a server that can send the notifications to specific users of an app. For small setups, and for their customers, their push server can be used. → Push Notifications - Nextcloud

If you publish your own app, you can define your own server that pushes the notifications. Or you disable the push function altogether. And for education, non-profits etc. they have cheaper offers.

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There is no Enterprise version codebase. But Nextcloud GmbH can help you to setup and support your huge Nextcloud.

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well…considering your replies and the @devnull replies…I now do think I am free to use my Nexcloud community version as an Enterprise one without pay for Enterprise version as long as I get the resource and make the necessaries changes (which Enterprise would…) by myself setting so accordingly.


Since I can only mark one replies as solved, I am going mark the @devnull one.
However you replies were strongly helpfull to getall of my questions solved.

Thank you so much! :wink: