Enterprise Day 2024 sponsor announcement: plusserver

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In our final round of sponsor announcements for the Nextcloud Enterprise Day, we are delighted to highlight plusserver as one of our sponsors!

plusserver stands as a prime example of cloud innovation “Made in Germany.” In partnership with Nextcloud and HKN, they provide open-source workplace solutions that align with the strictest data protection standards, ensuring data security and autonomy.

Their most recent innovation, plusAI, is a dedicated platform for sovereign and secure AI, highlighting the importance of data sovereignty across their solutions. In cooperation with HKN, plusserver will be showcasing the advantages of their data sovereign cloud platform pluscloud open as a base for your Nextcloud installation and dive into the possibilities that future integrations and add ons will provide.

Circle April 24 in your calendar and register today to learn more about the innovation developed by plusserver and HKN at Nextcloud Enterprise Day.

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About plusserver

plusserver is recognized for its commitment to data sovereignty and digital autonomy, establishing itself as a cornerstone in the German cloud services market. With a history rich in innovation and security, plusserver offers GDPR-compliant cloud solutions, offering customers complete control and security of their data. As a founding member of Gaia-X, which aims to create a secure and reliable data infrastructure for Europe, plusserver champions open-source technologies and digital sovereignty.

Their sponsorship of Nextcloud Enterprise Day reflects their dedication to fostering a secure, open, and self-reliant digital ecosystem, alongside sovereign workplace solutions.

About Nextcloud Enterprise Day

Nextcloud Enterprise Day brings together the leaders and decision makers in the enterprise IT landscape. For one day, it provides a platform to foster innovation, exchange experience, and present unique stories behind Nextcloud implementation in various industries.

The agenda encompasses exclusive talks and workshops. Topics include digital sovereignty, the future of AI in business, building a secure and resilient cloud infrastructure, and more.

The April 2024 edition comes to Munich, a city in the heart of Bavaria famous for it’s unique mix of urban ambition, modernity and historical legacy.

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