Enterprise Day 2024 sponsor announcement: IONOS 

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We are happy to welcome back IONOS as a sponsor for the upcoming Nextcloud Enterprise Day 2024, continuing our longstanding partnership.

IONOS’s global presence and commitment to data sovereignty, data privacy and data protection align perfectly with our mission, enhancing our combined efforts to provide secure, transparent, and open-standard solutions.

As a key player in global digitalization, IONOS’s collaboration with Nextcloud has been instrumental in advancing security and data sovereignty, reflecting our shared dedication to improving business practices worldwide.

The event is taking place in Munich, Germany, on April 24. Register for the Nextcloud Enterprise Day today to secure your spot!

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IONOS is the leading European digitalisation partner for small and medium-sized businesses. The company serves over six million customers and has a presence in 18 markets across Europe and North America, with its services being accessible worldwide. Its web presence and productivity portfolio caters to all digitalisation needs, providing domains, web hosting and website builders with AI capabilities, as well as eCommerce and online marketing tools. The company also offers cloud solutions for businesses looking to move their operations to the cloud as they expand and develop.

The partnership between IONOS and Nextcloud is marked by a mutual commitment to enhance security, transparency, and data sovereignty. Rooted in shared goals, this collaboration leverages open standards and open-source software. It emphasizes customer rights to scrutinize code, address security gaps, and tailor solutions. Both entities actively promote the pivotal concept of data sovereignty, helping organizations regain control over their data and ensure legal security for users in the face of challenges such as the US CLOUD Act.

About Nextcloud Enterprise Day

Nextcloud Enterprise Day brings together the leaders and decision makers in the enterprise IT landscape. For one day, it provides a platform to foster innovation, exchange experience, and present unique stories behind Nextcloud implementation in various industries.

The agenda encompasses exclusive talks and workshops. Topics include digital sovereignty, the future of AI in business, building a secure and resilient cloud infrastructure, and more.

The April 2024 edition comes to Munich, a city in the heart of Bavaria famous for it’s unique mix of urban ambition, modernity and historical legacy.

Register for Nextcloud Enterprise Day today to secure your spot!

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