Endless spinning circle selecting Categories within radio app

Hi, my NC 14.0.4 server is based on Nginx, Postgresql and Debian and during testing the capabilities of the radio app with Vivaldi, Firefox and Edge browsers sitting on a W10 notebook, I’m facing an endless spinning circle while selecting Categories, while Top, Recent and Favorites are working as expected. Radio app version is 0.6.3. Any clue where the problem could reside?

Tx in advance for any hint.

For me not one stream is starting to play…

Hi @FadeFx, in my case the radio streams listed under ‘Recent’ or ‘Top’ do well. Maybe you have some blocking browser add-on interfering…

I tried to stream directly from shoutcast.com and it just worked

Hehe, now i got it to work, i needed to hit the spinning circle where the play/pause button should be and then it works.

However, on first try categories view did show results, but now it doesnt anymore

Strange behavior, really… What are the specs of your environment?

Ncp on raspberry pi2 with nc 14.0.4 radio app just installed latest

Hi, just updated Radio app 0.6.3 to 0.6.4 on my private Cloud (NC 14.0.4, Nginx, Postgresql, Debian) and the endless spinning circle while selecting Categories still persists (Top, Recent and Favorites are working as expected).