Endless Loop of "Create an admin account" Form during Web-Installation - Without Errors

My Nextcloud web-install is stuck in an
endless loop of the “Create an admin account” form,
while running setup-nextcloud.php:
Whatever I enter in this form, after pressing the “Install” button, it just appears again, empty.
No errors.
(I found a number of issues/errors related to this prompt in google & this forum,
but not exactly this one…)
Any suggestions much appreciated!

Tried so far:


  • Dedicated, new OpenSuSe Tumbleweed VM (Qemu-kvm on OpenSuSe host)
  • Apache 2.4.57, PHP 8.1.19, MariaDB 10.11.2 (all dependencies met)
  • Behind Apache 2.4 reverse proxy, name-based vhost

I have a Nextcloud instance running for years on this platform,
gone through many version updates,
but that VM cannot be updated to PHP 8 cleanly anymore,
so want to migrate to a fresh install for Nextcloud 26.


./data/nextcloud.log had the answer, of course (RTFL… embarrassing…):
an invalid php.ini setting of
post_max_size = 50G
… must have slipped in when ‘fixing’ the php.ini settings a bit too fast…
PHP actually just re-interprets this as 55 BYTES, instead of throwing an error.
Of course, not much will work with a max post size of 55 bytes…

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