End user activity reporting for Legal

G’day folks,

I’ve searched for this and not found an answer so I can only assume it’s right in front of my face and I am being dense…

I need to be able to print off a report of all end user sharing activities by date range for our CIO and legal teams. I see the activity log but I do not see any ones activities but my own.

I’d like to know how y’all have solved this problem,


If you download the log you should see all user activity. Also check the log settings to make sure it’s showing everything. I’ve written a script to parse out user activity but it’s a bit slow on huge logs. There’s probably a better way but I’ve yet to find it or get a response to my help request. Let me know if you figure something out.

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i have the same Problem as jhughes.
@IT_Dept Can you sent my the script to parse out user activity ?

also consider using the impersonate app to log in to an user’s account, then simply copy activity logs.

of course, make sure it’s acceptable to access an user’s account in this manner

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Hi, i have the same problems… has anyone found a solution?