End to End Encryption

I would like users to be able to use the End to End encryption feature on specific folders; however, it appears that to use E2E, I must enable Default Encryption which I thought encrypted all files for all users. Am I correct or is there a way to enable this feature such that only user selected folders/files are end to end encrypted?

As far as I know, the E2E is still in beta phase and you shouldn’t rely on it. I’d rather use 3rd-party solutions if you need something. https://cryptomator.org/, VeraCrypt for Containers. There are several others, some are paid.

Thanks for the warning. I may decide to wait but my question still stands. Does the Nextcloud E2E app permit one to selectively encrypted files?

You need this app:

And the clients. It works only with iOS, Android and Desktop.
Its not Beta, its Alpha … (personally I would say preview …)

Main challenge is that you that the users can’t share with each other and they should never loose the private key …

There are better concepts from other vendors available, IMHO.

Thanks! But if I were to use NextCloud E2E, does that require default encryption which in turn means that everything will be encrypted or can users select which files/folders?

You only need the mentioned app … not the encryption at rest … https://github.com/nextcloud/end_to_end_encryption

I hope this will help to understand how e2ee works.